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MidWest Outdoors TV Show – Coverage of the 2018 GRAHA Walleye Shootout


Topper and Anderson survive the hot seat to take home the $17,000 prize and kiss the cup!

The official 2018 GRAHA Walleye Shootout Results (Click Image for full list)

Sean Colter talks about expectations and weather on the morning of the GRAHA Walleye Shootout

The Wolfs talk about prefishing and expectations on the morning of the GRAHA Walleye Shootout.

President and CEO Noah Wilcox of Grand Rapids State Bank announces
an extended sponsorship for the GRAHA Walleye Shootout.

Grand Rapids Amateur Hockey Association President Sean Colter and Vice President
Dave Kuschel discuss how the Walleye Shootout impacts the hockey association.

2018 GRAHA Walleye Shootout

Rules Meeting Gallery

2018 GRAHA Walleye Shootout

Blast Off Gallery